Why buying an APPOLIA ceramic dish?
APPOLIA dishes are made from a natural ceramic paste, and are covered with strong enamels. The cooking is fun an healthy. The know-how is specific and accepted by EPV certificate.
Any cares to take before the first use?
No, our products don’t need any particular preparation. We recommend to clean them before use.
Why using an APPOLIA ceramic dish?
Our ceramic dishes spread the heat slowly and homogeneously. Our ceramic lines keeps food hot for a long time. APPOLIA dishes do not release any nocive substance all long their lives.
Until which temperatures are APPOLIA dishies heat resistant?
Our ceramic cookware is made to resist to temperatures from -20°C in the freezer to +250°C to the oven.
Can we use our ECO-CERAM directly on the flame?

No, our ECO-CERAM paste is done for the oven cooking only. Our Eco-céram paste is made from raw materials. These are mixed following a specific recipe, which guarantees a low porosity (below 3%) and an excellent resistance to thermal and mechanical shocks. Our products are covered with resistant enamels which gives a strong resistance to scratches and an easy cleaning after use.Thanks to the thermal inertia, your dishes will stay hot for longer even whilst eating.

Can we pour cold water directly into the dish during cooking?

No, we recommend to pour on the food, the best is to pour hot or mild water. Always try to prevent creating a “Heat Shock”

Can we cook in the oven and then store in the freezer?

Our products are heat resistant from -25°C to +250°C temperatures without breaking.

Can we reheat in the microwave?

Yes, our dishes are heat resistant to microwave as well as the oven and the freezer.

Can we cook in the microwave?

Our dishes are compatible with microwave use.

Is it possible to cut into the dish?

Yes, we use strong enamels which are anti-scratches.

Is it possible to wash in the dishwasher?

Yes, you can wash the dishes in the dishwasher. They are made for that.

How to clean the APPOLIA dish?

Avoid diving the hot dish into cold water. We advice to leave the dish cold, and to soak it with liquid soap, and wash it.

How to use the APPOLIA casseroles, tajines?
Our casseroles, tajines will works on all hos and heat sources except induction. Microwave, conventional oven, dishwasher are suitable safe thanks to the resistance to thermal shocks.
What are the benefits of the Terre & Flamme products?
The “Terre & Flamme” products have the particularity to spread the heat slowly and homogeneously. Thus, they preserve the flavor and nutritional qualities of food, and keep food hot longer at table.
How to use the Planchas?

Our planchas adapt to all types of BBQ except the big oval plancha (48 cms) which is for gas BBQ or electrical BBQ. Instructions are always included.

What are the maximum temperatures allowed by “Terre & Flamme” APPOLIA products?

Our “Terre & Flamme” products are heat resistant to hot temperatures (to 400°C) provided that you increase it slowly.