Showcased in-store March 2021

The ENO PLANCHA® is an outdoor appliance with direct heat that allows you to sear and cook all types of food for example various meat cuts, fish, shellfish, vegetables, different fruits, eggs, crepes, pizzas…The cast iron griddle reaches a high temperature (up to 680°F) thanks to its high performance burners and these run off bottles of either propane or natural gas.



Enameled Plate: lifetime guarantee

ENO plates come with a lifetime warranty for resurfacing in our Niort workshops. ENO can offer this lifetime warranty on its enameled plates thanks to its unrivalled expertise. Provided the plate is used in regular domestic conditions and the product’s care instructions are followed. ENO will not cover second-hand products or impact- or accident-related damages. Proof of purchase will be required to claim the warranty.

Burners: 10-year warranty on burners and elements

Casing and components: 2-year warranty on casings in stainless steel or powder-coated galvanized steel, and all their components.


For any troubleshooting request, and to ensure identification of parts and breakdowns, you must send an e-mail to your reseller, whose name appears on the invoice, with the following information:

  • Your Last name & First name
  • Your email & mobile phone#
  • Your full address
  • Photo of the purchase invoice (proof of purchase)
  • Photo of the nameplate which bears the serial number (S/N) of the device
  • Photos of product and defective part
  • A description of the breakdown